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    "Thank you"

    Thursday, 28. July 2016

    First of all, I would like to thank many of my fans for their encouraging words,

    texts, and emails regarding my reserve nomination for the Olympic games. The

    decision was heartbreaking. It has been so nice to hear how many people are

    supportive and don’t understand how Fibonacci and I could be left off the team.

    It has been this support that has made every day easier for me and has helped

    me regain a fighting spirit and move on.

    Many fans noticed and commented on how well Fibonacci jumped all year and

    asked how he would have faired in Noelle’s analysis of clear rounds

    Olympic-nominated horses jumped this season. In case you haven’t seen it,

    make sure to have a look:

    The results are quite interesting.

    This year Nacho competed in seventeen 1.60 rounds and kept a clean sheet on

    remarkably twelve occasions! That means he cleared 71% of all CSI5* courses

    without a fault, putting him among the top horses in Noelle's ranking.

    Nacho started this year at the World Cup Qualifier at Deeridge Farm in

    Wellington, jumping double clear and finishing second in the World Cup class.

    You can watch his jump-off on


    Nacho continued the season at WEF in Wellington, where he jumped double clear

    and finished 3rd in a $500,000 5*



    He returned to Europe where his first show was the CSIO5* event in La Baule.

    He was clear in the second round of the nations

    cup, and both rounds of the

    Grand Prix, claiming anoher 3rd place. Rewatch the jump off


    Then Nacho went to the 5* LGCT event in Madrid, where he jumped flawlessly

    throughout all three rounds of the Grand Prix. All three rounds can be viewed on

    the GCT


    In Aachen, Nacho helped the German team win the prestigious Nations Cup for

    the first time since 2008, wowing the crowds with two amazing clear

    rounds: The first round of

    the ROLEX Grand Prix, which proved to be the most difficult course of the season

    with no clear round, Nacho had one unlucky fence down and was just above the

    time allowed. However he returned with a great clear in the second round to

    finish 10th.

    Looking back it's been a fabulous season. I am so lucky and grateful to have

    such a wonderful horse and team supporting me. Thank you all!!!


    Meredith has an official Instagram account now

    Tuesday, 26. July 2016

    Meredith has an official Instagram account now.

    Just use the following link to find it

    Have fun!


    Third place with Comanche in Groß Viegeln

    Monday, 25. July 2016

    This weekend Meredith rode at the „DKB Pferdewochen Rostock“. The show took place at the yard of Holger Wulschner in Groß Viegeln near Rostock. Meredith used the small show to relax a bit following the exhausting week at the CHIO in Aachen. „In Groß Viegeln I had the chance to come down a bit and to forget a little bit what happened last week. So many people came to me and told me that they cannot imagine the Olympics without me.“

    Meredith and her horses had very good results. Most remarkable was the third place with Comanche in the Grand Prix. They were not even a second slower in the jump-off than the winner Inga Czwalina.

    The day before Meredith finished 7th with the young mare Jackie Brown in the second most important competition of the event. Meredith also brought Daisy to Groß Viegeln and finished 11th in a two-phase-competition of the medium tour. Comanche was 8th in the two-phase-competition of the big tour the same day.

    Markus rode in Groß Viegeln as well. Sadly he was a bit unlucky in the Grand Prix with Tequila de Lile. But with Charmed he finished 6th in the two-phase-competition of the medium tour. Markus also brought Quadea, a seven year old Hannoverian mare by Quintender x Graf Grannus and Cassanita H, a six year old Hannoverian mare by Cassini II x Stakkato to Groß Viegeln, and had some good results with the youngsters._DSC0820photo (c) Carolin Wortmann (Aachen 2016)


    Highly successful at the CHIO

    Friday, 22. July 2016

    Meredith and her horses jumped fantastic at the CHIO in Aachen this year. Especially her results with her „pegasus“ Fibonacci were amazing. In the  (c) Carolin WortmannNations Cup they showed two brilliant clear rounds and secured the win for the German team. It was the first time since 2008 Germany was the winner of the country´s only official nations cup. 2008 Meredith was part of the team along with the unforgettable Shutterfly.

    Meredith and Fibonacci placed 10th in the Grand Prix of Aachen.(c) Carolin Wortmann

    The other horses performed great as well. Comanche placed 6th  in the „NetAachen-Preis“. Apsara finished 6th in the „Preis der AachenMünchener“. 

    Meredith rode three very good clear rounds with Daisy in the „Sparkassen-Youngster-Cup“ having only one fence down in the final jump-off. They finished 11th in the youngster´s final.

    Meredith was placed 6th in the „Preis des Bundesministers des Innern“ for the most successful rider at the CHIO, Fibonacci was the fourth most successful horse in Aachen.

    photos (c) Carolin Wortmann

    (c) Carolin Wortmann

    Old Heroes: Shutterfly

    Thursday, 14. July 2016

    For the film series "Old Heroes" the FN has visited Shutterfly in Thedinghausen. He won the World Cup Final in Jumping three times and lives now in a senior citizens residential community with Checkmate.

    Shutterfly_AlteHelden mit Meredith







    Here you find the link to Youtube:


    Zeige mehr Neuigkeiten
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    Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

    Everyone knows Los Angeles, at least by name. But if you tell people you live in Thedinghausen, you are likely to get some puzzled looks. Nevertheless Meredith Michaels, who was born and grew up in the bustling city of Los Angeles, discovered her love for the village of Thedinghausen near Bremen when she married Markus Beerbaum and became Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Meredith has been living there since 1997 and feels the country life on a farm with horses suits her very well. 

    As a child Meredith briefly got to know the glittering world of Hollywood. Her father was a TV director and her mother tried out a career as an actress. But Meredith never wanted to follow either career path. She had a lot of success as a junior rider in America, but she always imagined herself in the White House. So after graduating high school, she went on to study politics at Princeton University.

    As a student Meredith remained passionate about horses. She did not know that riding would be her life and profession, but she loved her horses and realized if she wants to be successful she would have to go to Europe to learn. So in 1991, Meredith, at the age of 21, took a break from her studies and went to Paul Schockemöhle's stable in Mühlen, Germany. At that time Schockemöhle was a key player in international show-jumping.

    Meredith had planned to stay with Schockemöhle for the summer. But this one summer turned into three years at Schockemöhle’s and a lifetime in Germany. During her stay she met her colleague Markus Beerbaum at a show in Munich and fell in love.

    Meredith moved from Mühlen to Dirk Hafemeister's stable in Schwagstorf near Osnabrück, where Markus was working. But that was only a temporary stop. Meredith and Markus wanted to set up their own stable and took over the stable in Balve that belonged to the President of the German Equestrian Federation. There, in the hills of North-Rhine Westphalia, they built the foundation for their future life and career.

    That area of Germany was certainly beautiful, but rather inconvenient for traveling to the major equestrian venues. So Meredith and Markus didn't hesitate when, following the death of World Champion Gerd Wiltfang, his stable in Thedinghausen came on the market. They married, Meredith took on German nationality, and they created their own small paradise, where they now live with their daughter Brianne (born February 27, 2010).

    In the show-jumping world of today the Michaels-Beerbaum stable is synonymous with success and the respectful handling of horses. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum was the first woman (and only one to date) to head the world rankings in show jumping. She was number one in the world for twenty-four months. She was also the first woman in history to represent Germany in a Championship event. Meredith’s break-throughs in the sport have opened the doors for women around the world.

    With the birth of her daughter Brianne Victoria a new world opened up for Meredith. Meredith is not only a renowned show jumper but also a loving mother.

  • Career

    Three time winner of the World Cup Final

    World Champion

    European Champion

    German Champion

    Winner of the Prize of Europe at Aachen 2011

    three times „Rider of the Year”


    Olympic Games:
    fourth place (individual) Hongkong/Beijing 2008

    World Championships:

    gold medal (team) Kentucky 2010
    bronze medal (individual) Aachen 2006  
    bronze medal (team) Aachen 2006

    European Championships:

    bronze medal (team) Windsor 2009
    gold medal (individual) Mannheim 2007
    silver medal (team) Mannheim 2007
    gold medal (team) San Patrignano 2005
    gold medal (team) Hickstead 1999

    World Cup Finals:

    three time winner of the World Cup Final (Las Vegas 2005, Gothenburg 2008, Las Vegas 2009)
    silver medal Verona 2004
    fifth place Kuala Lumpur 2006
    sixth place Göteborg 1999

    German Championships:

    gold medal 2010 (men)
    silver medal 2010 (women)
    gold medal 2008 (men)
    bronze medal 2004 (men)

    silver medal 2002 (women)

    gold medal 2001 (women)
    gold medal 1999 (women)
    bronze medal 1998 (men)


    winner of the Prize of Europe at Aachen

    winner of the Grand Prix of Balve

    third place Grand Prix of Paris
    third place Grand Pric of Vienna
    third place Grand Prix of Doha


    winner Global Champions Tour Estoril

    winner Grand Prix of Lyon
    winner Grand Prix of Hagen

    winner Grand Prix of Verden

    second place Grand Prix of Verona
    second place Grand Prix of Pforzheim

    fourth place Grand Prix of Aachen
    fourth place Grand Prix of Monte Carlo


    winner of the World Cup Final Gothenburg
    first woman to become German Champion in the men’s division

    second place Global Champions Tour Final at Sao Paulo
    fourth place (individual) at the Olympic Games Hongkong/Beijing

    winner Grand Prix of Arezzo (Global Champions Tour)
    winner Grand Prix of Estoril (Global Champions Tour)

    winner Grand Prix of Cannes (Global Champions Tour)

    winner Grand Prix of Wiesbaden

    winner Nations Cup of Rotterdam

    winner Nations Cup of Aachen
    winner Team Trophy euroclassics Bremen

    winner Stawag Cup of Aachen

    fifth place Grand Prix of Aachen
    second place Global Champions Tour Hamburg
    third place Global Champions Tour Hamburg
    second place world cup s'Hertogenbosch
    second place Grand Prix of Dortmund
    fourth place world cup Bordeaux


    Rider of the Year 2007

    winner second trials at the World Cup Final Las Vegas

    winner Grand Prix of Arezzo
    winner Nations Cup of Aachen

    winner Grand Prix of Lyon

    winner Grand Prix of Munich
    winner Grand Prix of Stuttgart

    winner Gothenburg Trophy
    winner Mercedes Masters Zurich

    second place Masters League Final Frankfurt
    second place world cup Geneva
    second place Grand Prix of Hanover
    second place Grand Prix of Wiesbaden
    third place Grand Prix of Athens


    winner Top-Ten Final Geneva
    winner Grand Prix of Munich
    winner world cup Stuttgart
    winner Grand Prix of Geesteren
    winner Grand Prix of Hachenburg
    winner Nations Cup of Lucerne
    winner Nations Cup of Aachen
    winner world cup Gothenburg
    winner world cup s’Hertogenbosch


    Rider of the Year 2005
    winner of the World Cup Final Las Vegas
    winner Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen
    winner Grand Prix of Münster
    winner Grand Prix of Wiesbaden
    winner world cup s’Hertogenbosch
    winner Grand Prix of Neumünster


    first woman to head the world rankings in show jumping
    Rider of the Year 2004
    second place World Cup Final
    winner Top-Ten Final Geneva
    winner Grand Prix of Münster
    winner Nations Cup of Calgary
    winner Nations Cup of Aachen
    winner Grand Prix of Lucerne  
    winner world cup Amsterdam


    winner Grand Prix of London Olympia
    winner Championat Frankfurt
    winner world cup Wellington


    winner Championat Munich
    winner world cup Berlin
    winner Grand Prix of Oslo
    winner euroclassics Bremen
    winner Grand Prix of Hickstead
    winner Grand Prix of Palm Beach


    third place Riders Tour (overall)
    winner Nations Cup of Modena
    fifth place at CHIO Aachen


    winner Grand Prix of Münster
    winner Nations Cup Final Rome


    first woman to represent Germany in a Championship event
    winner Nations Cup of Calgary
    second place Nations Cup of Aachen
    sixth place World Cup Final Gothenburg


    winner Nations Cup of Calgary (1998)
    winner Grand Prix of Spangenberg (1998)
    winner Grand Prix of Mannheim (1997)
    winner Grand Prix of Neumünster (1997)
    winner Grand Prix of Vienna (1996)
    winner Grand Prix of Maastricht (1992)
    first win at a Grand Prix event (Palm Beach 1989)

  • Awards

    Silver Laurel Leaf (2008)
    FN Gold Medal with Laurels (2007)
    Lower Saxony Sportswoman of the Year (2006)
    Bambi - Category Sport (2005)

  • Markus Beerbaum

    "Markus is the best decision I ever made."

    Markus is Meredith's husband and loving father to Brianne.
    He supports Meredith in everything she does. And, by her standards, Markus is the best trainer in the world. Time and again he manages to take the pressure off her and gives her full support. It was thanks to Markus that Meredith became number one in the world.

    Meredith and Markus met at a show in Munich. There was instant chemistry and the equestrian dream couple teamed up. Meredith and Markus complement each other perfectly - both privately and professionally. Meredith and Markus married in 1998 and their daughter Brianne Victoria was born in 2010. 

  • Team

    Anu Harilla

    Anu is from Finland and has been Meredith's head groom for 15 years. “I cannot imagine a show without Anu“, Meredith says. “I know Anu and depend on her like my right hand. She has lived through all the highs and lows.” Anu also feels at home with Meredith and Markus. She says, “It’s astounding, how time goes by. When I started to work for Meredith, Shutterfly was six years old. And Stella was ten. Meanwhile, Stella has had four foals and Shutterfly is retired. Both horses live happily at the farm.”

    Nina Leonoff

    Like Anu, Nina was born in Finland. In the beginning she was a groom for Markus. Because she loves children, Nina was happy to become the nanny for Brianne when she was born. Nina looked after Brianne at all the shows. Now Nina is primarily back in the stable. But she is still one of Brianne’s best friends. Both, Anu and Nina, are part of the family in Thedinghausen.

    Birga Griese

    Birga's duties can be described in just a few words: If you have a question, just ask Birga. Basically, in Thedinghausen nothing works without Birga. She manages the stable, looks after the house, does the shopping for Meredith, even meets visitors at the airport. “Without Birga everything would break down”, Meredith laughs. Birga too is part of the winning team in Thedinghausen.

    Karsten Koch

    Karsten is the "logistics manager" for Meredith and Markus. He is very important for the Michaels-Beerbaum stable. He is responsible for making hay; he looks after all the cars and lorries; he drives the horses to the shows and organizes long trips for Meredith and Markus. Karsten also takes care of the indoor and outdoor ground. Karsten makes sure that the Beerbaum stable is always in top condition and is an essential team player.

    Lisa Johannesson

    Lisa is an incredibly valuable member of the Beerbaum team. She is the one who looks after Brianne when both parents are working. She is trustworthy and patient. She is creative and fun and keeps Brianne enlightened and entertained. Without Lisa, Meredith and Markus would not be able to give their riding and training the 100% concentration that it requires.

    Jan Henning

    Jan Henning has basically grown up on the farm in Thedinghausen. He started as a young boy helping Karsten drive the big tractors. He now does various jobs around the farm and drives the horses to far away shows. He belongs in the family.

    Markus Witte & Sönke Hess 

    Markus and Sönke make sure that Meredith’s and Markus’s horses get to all the shows safely. They are part of the team effort. 

  • Show horses

  • FibonacciZur Galerie >>

    Born: 2005
    Gray Gelding, Swedish Warmblood
    Sire: For Feeling (For Pleasure)
    Damsire: Corland (Cor de la Bryére, SF)
    Nickname: Nacho
    Height: ~ 16.6 hands
    Owner: Artemis Equestrian Farm, LLC (Jim and Kristy Clark)

    Fibonacci, formally know as "Fendi", was based in Sweden in the stable of Lisen Bratt Fredericson. The gelding was competed successfully by Stephanie Holmen to the 1,45 level.

    Meredith is delighted to have the beautiful white horse in her stable and will continue to develop him to Grand Prix level. "He need six months", declared the US-born-German rider. "Then I think he will be ready for anything".

    Meredith is also pleased to be part of the new Artemis Farm team.


  • show horses Markus Beerbaum

  • Tequila de LileZur Galerie >>

    Born: 2007
    Chestnut Mare, Selle Francais
    Sire: Lucciano HN
    Damsire: Etna Paluelle
    Nickname: Lila
    Height: ~ 16.3 hands
    Owner: Artemis Equestrian Farm, LLC (Jim and Kristy Clark)
    Breeder: Remi Colmont

    The young chestmut mare came to Thedinghausen from Ashford Farm in Belgium. Earlier this year, Tequila competed in the youngster tour in Oliva, Spain, with the Swedish rider Angelica Augustsson. There she demonstrated her enormous potential and jumped numerous clear rounds.

    Meredith thinks the mare is an outstanding talent and will be ready for Grand Prix competitions in the future. She is excited about developing the mare in the youngster tour this year until she is ready to compete at the top level.


  • Former sport horses

  • Born: 2005
    Chestnut Mare, KWPN
    Sire: For For Pleasure
    Damsire: Libero H
    Nickname: Alice
    Height: ~ 16,3 hands
    Owner: Artemis Equestrian Farm, LLC (Jim and Kristy Clark)

  • Born: May 14, 2000
    Bay Holsteiner stallion
    Sire: Cascavelle
    Dam: Loretta (by Acord)
    Breeder: Lothar Völz
    Owner: Octavia Farms

    Cantano is still quite a recent addition to Meredith's stable. The bay Holsteiner stallion has been at Thedinghausen since the fall of 2011. As a five-year-old he was sold from Germany to California and won many Grand Prix events with Susan Hutchison in Meredith's former home country.

    Meredith is delighted that she can ride Cantano: "He is a fast horse. Cantano is very competitive and that suits me really well. Cantano likes to win and I like to win. That makes us very compatible. And we have had some very nice wins together."

    In spring 2012, Meredith took Cantano to Florida and won two demanding 1.50 m classes-- one with the only clear round. Cantano won another 1.50 in St. Gallen 2012, and was 2nd in the Grand Prix of Spangenberg 2012. Cantano also won a Grand Prix in Thermal, California 2013. 

  • Oldies

  • ShutterflyZur Galerie >>

    Born: January 14, 1993
    Dark bay Hanoverian gelding
    Sire: Silvio I (by Sandro)
    Dam: Famm (by Forrest xx)
    Nickname: Petey
    Height: ~ 16.1
    Owner: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Octavia Farms LLC (Nancy Clark)
    Breeder: Uwe Dreesmann

    When he was born, Shutterfly had such a messy, tousled mane that his breeder named him "Struwwelpeter" after the German cartoon character who resembled Edward Scissorhands. But it didn’t take long for him to mature into an elegant six year old gelding who caught Meredith's attention at a show in Rastede in 1999. When Meredith originally asked his owner and breeder Uwe Dreesmann if he was for sale, Dreesmann was negative. However, about six months later, Dreesmann got in touch with Meredith and shortly thereafter Struwwelpeter came to Thedinghausen. Nancy Clark purchased Struwwelpeter and he was renamed Shutterfly, because his name was so difficult for Americans to pronounce. He was called Petey as a nickname.

    Meredith recalls that Shutterfly was extremely sensitive and nervous. "He only became great when he entered the ring. There he knew he had ability and he became confident. Over many years, he gradually learned to trust the people around him, including the grooms in the stable. He was always delicate, but became easier to handle once he trusted you."

    At the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen Shutterfly's sensitivity was obvious to everyone. Meredith and Shutterfly had reached the Final Four of the show-jumping event, where the riders switch horses. A change of riders meant a change of saddles and that meant stress for Shutterfly. With every change, Shutterfly became increasingly upset and difficult to saddle. Although he was panicked and was dripping with sweat, he still did his job in the course. Afterward, Meredith promised him that he would never have to do anything like that again.

    Shutterfly’s successes total more than 3.5 million euros, making him the most successful show jumper in the world. Some of his great victories include three time winner of the World Cup Final, the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen 2005, two time winner of the Top Ten Final, two Bronze Medals at the World Equestrian Games 2006, individual gold and team silver at the European Championships in Mannheim. He and Checkmate helped Meredith win the lucrative title of Rider of the Year three times. Last but not least, Shutterfly won the Prize of Europe at Aachen 2011 at age eighteen. He was retired there in Aachen on the same weekend where fifty-five thousand adoring fans gave him a standing ovation. Shutterfly is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement in Thedinghausen. 

  • Born: January 2, 1995
    Chestnut Zweibrücken gelding
    Sire: Leubus
    Dam: Lavinia (by Landadel)
    Nickname: Leo
    Owner: Octavia Farms LLC (Nancy Clark)
    Breeder: Bettina Kaul

    Le Mans was born on January 2, 1995, at Bettina Kaul's stud in Nottuln. Nancy Clark bought the eight-year old gelding in the fall of 2003. "Le Mans was Markus's horse," says Meredith. The pretty chestnut gelding was in fact initially ridden by Meredith's husband and first started at the euroclassics in Bremen, where he was entered in the Youngster tour.

    Le Mans remained with Markus until the end of 2005, and together the pair won many good ribbons, including seventh place in the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen. But Markus realized that Meredith needed a good horse to take the pressure off her top horses Shutterfly and Checkmate. At the end of 2005, Markus gave Le Mans to Meredith. "I realized what an incredibly generous husband I had!” A couple of months later, Meredith was number one in the world. "Without Le Mans I would not have managed to top the world rankings for a total of 24 months. Le Mans supported Shutterfly and Checkmate. I am very grateful to Markus that he gave me Le Mans,” Meredith explains. “Leo, as we call him, will always be a very important horse in my career.”

    In 2007, Meredith and Le Mans won the Munich Grand Prix. The pair were known for their consistency in jumping clear rounds and winning placings in Grand Prixs and World Cup qualifiers. 

  • Born: 1989
    Dark bay mare, USA
    Sire: Quick Star
    Dam: Windchimes (by Wilson)
    Nickname: Stelli or Stelli-Belli
    Height: ~16.1
    Owner: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
    Breeder: Will Simpson

    Stella's breeder, Will Simpson, thought that Quick Star, a small stallion, was the perfect match for Windchimes, his large mare. And so he had Windchimes covered by Quick Star and the result was super. After all, Stella, the first offspring from Quick Star, was the horse that helped Meredith become the first woman to represent Germany in a Championship event. Stella and Meredith have one thing in common: they were both born in California. Perhaps that is why they hit it off from the start.

    Stella was named in memory of Quick Star's mother. She was also called Stella and was successfully competed by Nelson Pessoa. When Stella first started jumping, Will Simpson telephoned Meredith. She flew to California to have a look at the mare - and immediately fell in love. "I liked the way she looked the first time I saw her in the stall. When I saw her jump, I was hooked," Meredith said. Meredith bought the mare and flew back to Germany with her.

    The two Californian girls were a good pair, as their early successes showed. When Stella was just eight years old, she was fourth in the Grand Prix of Brussels. She was fourth in the World Cup in Aarhus. Shortly after Meredith became a German citizen, she was nominated with Stella for the European Championship team in Hickstead in 1999. Meredith and Stella were the only combination on the German team to have two clear rounds in the Nation’s Cup. That was instrumental to the team gold medal. That success was followed by further wins and placings in Grand Prixs and World Cups and many clear rounds in Nations Cups.

    Stella was retired at age 17 and put out to pasture at Sören von Rönne’s where she gave birth to her first foal in 2006. Stella stayed with Sören von Rönne while breeding but since has returned to Thedinghausen. Meredith likes looking back at the time they spent together. "Stella did a lot of special things for me and I am very grateful to her. She was a fighter in the course. She knew exactly when it came to the crunch. I knew I could always count on her!" 

  • Just do itZur Galerie >>

    Born: May 13, 1987
    Dark bay stallion, KWPN
    Sire: Jasper (by Courville xx)
    Dam: Tiranda (by Garant)
    Nickname: Justy Boy
    Height: ~16 hands
    Owner: Michaels & Beerbaum GmbH
    Breeder: Harrie Peters

    "When he saw a jump, there was nothing that could stop him!" Meredith still raves about Just Do It with a smile that flashes across her face. She is still fascinated by her small dark bay stallion. Together they amazed and inspired spectators. She talks about him as "an extraordinary horse who made a lot of noise, including in the stable,” Meredith laughs. The spectators who saw him will not forget him either. They held their breath when he bucked between jumps. Yet somehow he managed to always focus on the next obstacle and to sail over it. Meredith did not try to stop him bucking. She won him over with that attitude. "Justy had a heart as big as a lion. He was a fighter. That was how he made up for what he might have lacked in scope. When he and I put our minds to it, we won!" Meredith remembers fondly. “With all his fire, Justy was incredibly gentle. I would let my daughter get on him if he were still alive."

    But Just Do It is no longer alive. In the night of December 26, 2009, he died in his stall in Thedinghausen at the age of 22. Yet he lives on in Meredith's heart and in her memories.

    Just Do It and Meredith won the Grand Prix of Vienna in 1996, the Grand Prix of Neumünster and Bremen in 1997 and the Grand Prix of Spangenberg in 1998. A year later they became German Champions in Verden. Together they won more than 300,000 euros.

  • Quick StarZur Galerie >>

    Born: 1982
    Dark bay stallion, Selle Français
    Sire: Galoubet A
    Dam: Stella (by Nithard)
    Height: ~ 15.2 hands
    Owner: Isaac Arguetty
    Breeder: Diane Empain

    Quick Star was a very important horse in Meredith's career. After all, she owes her international breakthrough to him. When Quick Star was just seven years old, Meredith rode him in Palm Beach, Florida, and won her very first Grand Prix. Subsequently, the stallion helped establish her in Europe where Meredith and Quick Star won many Grand Prix events, e.g. in Maastricht, Munich and Mannheim.

    “I won my first car on Quick Star in Maastricht. Although it was only a Renault Clio, I'll never forget the thrill!" Meredith declared. "And I will never forget how I won the Championship and the Grand Prix of Mannheim on the same weekend. A feat that was never done before. And I beat Hugo Simon both times!”

    Meredith remembers Quick Star, "He was a phenomenon, a freak of nature. He was a very small horse, but it was like he had springs in his feet."

    Meredith’s time with Quick Star ended very suddenly. One day his owner decided to give him to Nick Skelton. Meredith was very disappointed but always followed his career.

    Fortunately, part of Quick Star remained with Meredith. After all, he was the sire to the filly Stella. In fact, Stella was a baby standing out in the field right next to the ring where Meredith originally tried Quick Star. Many years later Meredith went back to buy Stella and rode her to great successes. In 1999, Stella and Meredith became Team European Champions. So indirectly Meredith owes her first international title to Quick Star.

    Quick Star's offspring are very successful in international show jumping. For instance, Big Star, ridden by Nick Skelton, won Olympic Team Gold for Great Britain in London. Quick Study ridden by Lauren Hough has also won numerous Grand Prix events.

    On August 29, 2011, Quick Star died at the age of 29. 

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